Social Media & Us

Hi there! This post comes after A long haul. I would say I was a bit busy & occupied. But now I am back.

Just until recent times, I realized my interaction on (Or my addiction to) social media, Soon I deep-dived into this issue and many problems were surfaced clearly indicating the control of our life is handed to these smart devices.

Just before you go ahead, I want you to ask yourself how much your life is controlled by social media/ smart devices?

Here I am posting article all about today’s lifestyle & reliance on internet, It could only be called A drop out of Ocean.

1. Issues faced

A. By An Individual

An individual may become addicted, biased, inattentive to the real world. An individual might be misled or provoked just because of fake news that spreads over the Internet, WhatsApp, Facebook Etc. There are reports which suggest an addictive person may face difficulty to focus, become inattentive to important events in life, have mental preoccupation, and many more. All the Tech giants well know the bad effects of their strong algorithm used for attracting more people and increase engagement time. And we all say it is all for FREE!

To settle the misunderstanding, here is one good saying, ‘If you are not paying for the product, then YOU are the product‘.

Companies like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Google & many more, their business model is to keep the people engage in surfing & browsing.

And believe me, they have hired the best people to do so! Those are the wizards of today’s tech world getting handsomely paid after getting graduated from Ivy League college. These wizards aren’t just a team of coders but they have psychologists, calligraphists, doctors, craftsmen, color psychologists Etc, to make us stick to the internet.

Their first and foremost important KRA is the attention & engagement of the user.

In the quest to market the products or say leading the sales chart companies today have remarkably changed their avenue from hustling on the ground to telephonic marketing to Social media marketing. This has given a boost to social media companies to chain their users and make them shop online.

  • social media influence 71% consumer buying decisions Consumers who are influenced by social media are four times more likely to spend more on purchases.
  • Social media and online shopping shortened the customer journey.
  • Every social media platform is different and can be useful for different goals.

And following are the side effect that comes with extensive use of penetrative technology :

1.      Weakening Eyesight, Neck pain, Headache are some of the common side effects that affect the human body gradually over a period of time.

2.      Confusion, frustration & lack of focus affecting mental well-being.

3.      Residual thoughts, Shallow work & Anxiety affecting the most important psychology & overall well being

B. By The Society:

By society I mean greater masses be it regional population or nationwide. The social media can be dangerous tool when we scale it up. A lot many things have revolutionised because of social media in good and bad ways, both.

There are active social groups with agenda of spreading hate, rage & social disrupt. And the platform used for this is mainly Mark Zukerberg’s -The Facebook.

Below are some examples of social unrest:

1. US Election campaign & Capitol riot.

2. Riot over black lives matter.

3. Delhi riots & Facebook’s tie-up with non-accredited news channels.

4. Violence in Myanmar in 2017 

5. Hindu Vs. Muslim promoting groups in India.

Image representative of Myanmar incident

Kids Going Crazy

Another issue faced is the internet addiction disorder of kids. Fear of parents have been deepened due to increased addiction, and the advertisement of vulgar content has raised the serious concern of leaving devices in their hand. Kids may fall under the wrong impression of some social handles and commit dangerous tasks in a bid to get more followers & likes.

Kids spending too much time on the internet has also affected their focus to do work, study, and balance physical activities. The only solution seen to this could be parents to remain extra cautious of how much & how their kids are spending time on the internet

The Fight: Human Vs. AI

Do you believe AI taking the control of our lives?


I would only suggest you watch one movie- The social dilemma. In many unimaginative ways, you are giving data of your pattern of thinking, decisions making habits, shopping & browsing, messaging. That’s how an entity of yours is created with all your traits incorporated, bundled with million others. Oh boy! Now you are nothing but a program to increase the sales of their clients!

Days are not far when we will see some civil war happening due to AI tweaked activity. And the movies like The Matrix, Terminator, Space odyssey would look familiar in real life.

The Fight: How to fight against the social media/ Internet Issue?!

Of course, You can very well give your 100% or 0% time to the internet, but this is not the solution, because the benefits of Information Technology are more than its cons!


So the solution is very simple. Let us (We) consume the internet and not the otherwise. And how to do it?

Well, Stop, STOP the notifications now. Notifications coming from social media apps, shopping apps, google notifications, Pretty much everything. Because that’s how we take control of our lives back from the Silicon Valley engineers getting paid for poking us.

Open the App only when you feel the need. Don’t give what they want, Your Attention!

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Best wishes,

Onkar Gadge.